The program has the specific aim of balancing social education (rights, responsibilities, values) with financial education (saving, planning, budgeting, entrepreneurship). Our Nation enhances students’ learning of the following concepts and skills:
Concepts– Advertising, Business plan, Careers, Competition, Corporations, Division of labor, Employees, Entrepreneur, Goods, Jobs, Manager, Markets, Marketing, Partnerships. On is a primary school program for grade 6 and 7 aimed at examining how businesses operate. Students’ role play business ownership, interview for jobs, and learn different methods of production while exploring various economic issues that affect business, Price, Products, Production, Productivity, Profit, Quality, Resources, Salary, Services, Sole proprietorship, Specialization, Stock, Stockholder

Skills–Assembling products, Brainstorming, Building self-esteem, Conceptualizing and designing advertisements, Critical thinking, Decision-making, Drawing conclusions, Following directions, Formulating a plan, Giving reports, Interviewing, Listening, Making observations, Role-playing, Teamwork