JA Programs

JA Our Nation

Is a primary school program targeting grade 6 and 7 learners. Learners gain knowledge of how to run successful businesses and lead effectively.

Evidenced based approaches such as #STEM are used to cultivate skills needed to build a rounded individual that is suitable for society, the workplace and home environment.

Learners gain essential work-readiness skills needed for high-growth, high-demand jobs.

The program balances social education (rights, responsibilities, values) with financial education (saving, planning, budgeting, and entrepreneurship)

JA Its My Business

The program accentuates innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in Form 1 and 2 learners through a combination of ethics and social studies.

Learners are encouraged to use critical thinking to acquire entrepreneurial skills to support positive attitudes and explore their career aspirations.

New age learning methodologies are used to enable learners to gain practical appreciation of idealization and innovation techniques to start and operate sustainable businesses.

Learners are exposed to several taught and practice oriented topics including but are not limited to knowing and believing in oneself, civic responsibility, advertising and marketing, product/service development, costing and pricing, customer care, and how to develop a business plan.

Learners gain active listening; analytical, creative and critical thinking; problem solving; decision making; deductive reasoning; self-appraisal; money management; team work; business pitching; and communication skills.

JA Company Program

The program provides learners with a hands-on experience on how businesses and the economic system function by giving them the opportunity organize and operate small businesses.

After completing the JA Company program, participants will be able to develop and clarify their future employment aspirations. They will have learnt, by experience, essential business concepts and skills with a weight on small business start-up and operation.

JA Job Shadow

Learners are introduced to potential careers through on-site and real workplace orientations. Learners who would have undergone the JA Company Program are placed at real work places to experience and compare the actual work environment in a well-established organisation or business, with the experience they underwent during their time in a JA student company.

Beside introducing learners to various careers, the program also enables them to develop problem solving; team work;  active listening, analytical, creative and critical thinking; decision making; deductive reasoning; self-appraisal; and communication skills.

The program emphasizes ethics and business etiquette as core components of employ-ability by exposing learners to role models and industry captains so that learners may become knowledgeable of essential careers available in their market.


The #Take10kGirlstoWork is a unique version of the JA Job Shadow program targeting female learners between Form 3 and 6 exposing them to one-on-one mentorship/coaching by industry captians.

JA Success Skills and Entrepreneurship

This program targets out-of-school youth with an aim to equip them with technical vocational skills to start and operate sustainable businesses.

Youth undergo financial literacy, ethics, work-readiness and employ-ability, entrepreneurship, business management, environmental management and vocational skills training.

They are exposed to internships and/or mentoring from master craftsmen then linked to finance, equipment, supplier, and markets opportunities.


This is a social and financial education program that helps prepare young people of all age groups to live an autonomous life. The program provides young people with social and financial skills that enable them to become model citizens. It prepares young people to deal with adversities and plan for a better life ahead by training them to become agents of development and change in their communities. The following are the different program variants:

Immersive Learning for Ages 5 to 25

JA’s experiential curriculum begins with exposure to critical skill sets—collaboration, creativity, self-confidence, and resilience—that prepare students for university, vocational education, the workforce, or their own start-up ventures.

JA students job shadow skilled mentors, challenge themselves and their teammates during technical and business innovation contests, and test their skills through multiple channels and experiences. Many students also launch their own businesses, get their first taste of entrepreneurship, and lay the groundwork to be the next generation of job creators.

JA’s programs, more than 50 in all, are designed to be immersive, high-impact experiences that give young people a taste of life in the real world. These learning experiences motivate and inspire students to acquire the skills they need for future career success. For some programs, like JA Job Shadow, students leave the classroom for time in the real world. For other programs, like the iconic JA Company Program, JA brings the real world to schools