Terms of Reference for Whats-AppBot.


Junior Achievement Zimbabwe, Silveira House and Plan International are  implementing Youth Economic Empowerment and Social Cohesion Project in Mwenezi district with young people aged 15-24. The project is aiming to capacitate young people with relevant tools and skills to participate in the economy. Following market survey the project realized that access to information is one of the major barriers for youths to participate in economic activities. This background has led to the development of a chatbot as a tool to provide relevant and up to date information for youths.

Project Outcome:

The economic participation of 800 young people and social cohesion in the Mwenezi district in Zimbabwe has improved.

Objectives of the Whats AppBot:

  • To inform the young people and stakeholders on the gaps and opportunities in the market.
  • To provide information to youths on:
  • Business development.
  • Access to loans facility (revolving fund).
  • Market linkages
  • Market system anaylises
  • Business standards and regulation
  • Business formalization
  • Inform youths to identify pockets of opportunities that exist for young people in the labour market, including emerging trends brought by technology


  • Develop chatbot which can be accessed by all through a common service provider.
  • Gather information from partners and stakeholders to input in the chatbot
  • Train partners and stakeholders on how the chatbot is used and updated


Qualified candidates to send bids on admin@jazimbabwe.org.zw by 17:00hr 25 February 2022

Expected end date

First draft  18 March 2022

Final draft  31 March 2022