Farai Munjoma

Farai Munjoma joined JA in Zimbabwe at age 13. Three years later, in 2014, he founded Shasha Network while enrolled in the JA Company Program, which won the JA Company of the Year Competition in Zimbabwe. Today, Shasha Network continues to grow under the leadership of Farai, who is currently in his final year studying business at African Leadership University. “Shasha is on a mission to make education accessible to students not only across Zimbabwe but also throughout southern Africa,” Farai said.

In 2015, Farai was awarded the Anzisha Prize, recognizing him as one of Africa’s top-12 entrepreneurs between ages 16 and 22 by the African Leadership Academy and Mastercard Foundation. To date, Shasha Network has provided over 15,000 learners access to digital learning. In 2018, the company was selected for the JA Africa and Facebook Out-of-School Award, which recognizes alumni doing work in their home countries. “My entrepreneurial instincts were born during my days at JA,” Farai said. “I am focused on creating more opportunities for young people, just as JA has made possible for me to realize my goals.”

Farai now aims to improve secondary education attainment for 10 million young people across Africa by 2030. “This I believe will get them closer to their academic and professional goals and will empower them to also add value to their communities either as effective employees or entrepreneurs. My current work with Shasha is a testament to this vision.”