Dr Faith Nyamukapa

Doctor Faith Nyamukapa is the Executive Director for Kinder Care Zimbabwe and a JA alumnus.

She is a young Multi-award winning entrepreneur in Zimbabwe having received over 28 accolades and awards locally, regionally and internationally. Dr Nyamukapa is in the education and training sector. She is a mentor, an inspirational speaker and is involved in the motor vehicle industry. She has passion for children mostly the early childhood development which is her focus. She works with different partners who focus on key areas that mould a child is it the health, moral, spiritual aspects and many more. She is married and also a mother of three children.

Dr Nyamukapa got involved with Junior Achievement Zimbabwe at Roosevelt High in 2002.

“I remember the first session that we had they approached the form three class when they came and launched the company program at Roosevelt High School in 2002.”

The JA Company Program was an exciting programme because that presented an entrepreneurial spirit. Through the program she experienced financial management skills, resource management, running a business and entrepreneurial basics.

“What interested me most about Junior Achievement Zimbabwe was the organization moulding the entrepreneurship spirit within the young generation. The experience shaped my mind-set from a tender age so if I see myself now I can’t say entrepreneurship started now it started way back then.”