Student Company Mystery Munch Bags Two Awards

Mystery Munch Company, from Eveline Girls High, has received the Ciena Solutions Sustainability Award 2021 and a grant from UNICEF to pilot their energy bar in three schools around Bulawayo.

The Mystery Munch Company innovated a no bake snack bar targeting young people and the aged. The snack bar is an organic ingredients-made, preservatives-free meant to meet the nutritional needs of the said age group.

The Company recently participated in the just ended JA Africa Company of the Year Competitions 2021 which were hosted virtually in Mauritius. The competition, supported by FedEx, Citi Foundation, PMI Educational Foundation and Tomorrow Foundation saw 36 high school-aged entrepreneurs from nine African countries pitch their businesses to a panel of business experts from around the world in this keenly contested competition. The team however did not manage to win any award though but that did not leave them in despair.

Mystery Munch in preparation of the AFRICACOY21 applied for a Sustainability Award of $2,500USD to sustain and scale their student project. Through their innovation the funding has been granted to the educator’s educational institution.

The Ciena Solutions Challenge aims to engage and inspire students to reimagine a better world while gaining critical hands-on experience with digital skills and advanced technologies.

On the sidelines of this award Mystery Munch has also been awarded a grant with UNICEF under the Hivos project to pilot their no bake snack bar to three schools in Bulawayo.

The team is so excited for having been granted such an amazing opportunity.

As JA Zimbabwe we are so excited and proud of the ladies.

Makorokoto, Congratulations, Amhlope for raising the Zimbabwe flag high.