JA Company Program

The Junior Achievement Company Program provides students with a hands-on experience on how businesses function and the economic system. By organizing and operating small businesses young people learn how businesses function. After completing the JA Company program, participants will be able to develop and clarify their future employment aspirations; will have learnt, by experience, essential business concepts and skills with a weight on small business start up and operation.

Over 16-18 weeks, students organize and operate an actual small business to gain first-hand experience in:
Organizing A Company: Students organize their company. They set company goals and personal goals, they explore opportunities and elect officers, students evaluate product/service options, carryout market research and select product/service and officers have LEADERSHIP TRAINING;
Developing A Business Plan: Students develop business plans for H.R., Marketing, Production and Finance. As well they sell shares to raise working capital, apply for charter/registration, conduct record keeping training, order materials, hold board meeting and open a bank account.
Managing A Company: Students operate their companies they sell, advertise monitor records and schedule company meetings MID POINT EVALUATION is conducted;
Liquidating A Company: Students complete production and sales, close books, conduct final board meeting to determine dividends and charitable contributions, prepare annual report, hold AGM, distribute dividends/payroll/commissions/rental etc and finally close bank account for LIQUIDATION.